6 Best Brunch Spots in Fort Lauderdale

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Who does not love a good brunch? It is late enough in the day to let you sleep in. It offers all of your favorites at one meal. And it is the perfect way to fuel up for a day of activity, or to while away the time relaxing and indulging. Brunch is the perfect meal in the eyes of a lot of people.

The weekend meal in Fort Lauderdale is even better for a couple of reasons. First, the weather is great year round. That means diners can enjoy all that brunch has to offer while sitting on a sunny patio or a tropical porch. Plus, the culinary scene in Fort Lauderdale is hot right now. The number of options has gotten a lot more interesting and extensive in recent years.

The only problem is that brunch in Fort Lauderdale is so popular that picking the right spot is a challenge. Rely on a list of the 6 best spots in the city to guide you to the right meal.

Classic Brunch

People expect brunch to offer certain standards – eggs, bacon, pancakes, roast meat etc. If you are looking for a classic sperad with all the dishes you love and crave, these are great options:

  • Colanda – The flavors of Cuba are familiar to most people in and around Fort Lauderdale. This local Cuban restaurant does a classic brunch with a Cuban twist. You get all the breakfast and lunch foods you want, but with a distinctly Cuban spin put on them. This menu is a lot bolder than the average. There are also classic brunch cocktails available like mimosas or sangria.
  • Burlock Coast – This is not only a great weekened restaurant. It is one of the premier restaurants in all of Fort Lauderdale. The expert kitchen staff prepared an elevated form of brunch that offers a gourmet twist on classic staples. Expect to find everything you want, but with ingredients and cooking techniques that are a step above the ordinary.
  • Loui Bossi – Imaging a brunch that offers a wealth of staple foods along with Italian delights. That is what diners love about the weekend brunch at Loui Bossi. Eggs and bacon sit along side delicate cured meats and inspired pizzas. There is something for every appetite, and the kitchen takes pride in using quality ingredients and careful preparations. There are also a number of bottomless beverage options for the adults in the group.

Contemporary Brunch

There is no strict definition of brunch. It is simply a bunch of delicious food offered around midday. Many restaurants offer a classic interpretation of brunch. But some of the more ambitious local eateries transform what we expect brunch to be into something exciting and contemporary.

  • Pelican Grand Beach Resort – The food here is amazing. But what sets it apart is the scenery. Brunch is served on a veranda that opens directly onto the beach. In spite of its oceanfront locale, it maintains a clean and contemporary ambiance. Basically, it is the kind of brunch spot you only find in Fort Lauderdale. If you want to eat brunch at a true destination hot-spot, make plans for a weekend in the near future.
  • Steak 954 – During the week this is one of the premier steakhouses in Fort Lauderdale. But on the weekends it operates as one of the finest brunch restaurants, too. You will find a lot of familiar dishes on the menu. But they are prepared with a level of skill and creativity that is unparalleled. This is brunch as art, and the results are delicious. Sample everything from a raw bar, to craft cocktails, to four different types of eggs Benedict.
  • Tap 42 – Get to this brunch spot early, because diners start lining up for a table before it even opens. Tap 42 has made a name for itself thanks to innovative twists on brunch staples. Sure there is an egg and sausage sandwich on the menu. But it is made with chicken apple sausage to deliver a greater depth of flavor. You can also sample Asian calarmi, quinoa salad, and other delights that are absent from most brunch menus. There is even a bottomless drink bar that includes house-made beer.

A Different Options Every Weekend

These brunch spots do not disappoint. But the truth is that very few spots ins Fort Lauderdale disappoint. Since brunch is so popular down here, the competition for the brunch crowd is intense. As a result, restaurants go big and bold to attract hungry diners on a Saturday or Sunday morning. Don’t expect to find many steam trays with cold eggs and limp bacon.

Brunch is just part of what makes life in Fort Lauderdale great. If you want to live in the area, the team at The Real Estate Shoppe makes it easy. To start exploring your options, call us at 954-210-7014.


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